20 - Judgement  

Meaning: Evaluation, decision-making, change, awakening, renewal.

A gallery of some of the many artistic expressions of the Judgement tarot card taken from beautiful and contrasting tarot decks.

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Judgement Tarot Card - Tarot of Mystical Moments

Judgement Tarot Card
Tarot of Mystical Moments

Judgement Tarot Card - Tarot Nuages Deck

Judgement Tarot Card
Tarot Nuages Deck

Judgement Tarot Card - Apprentice Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card
Apprentice Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card - Phantasma Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card
Phantasma Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card - Japaridze Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card
Japaridze Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card - The Halloween Tarot Deck

Judgement Tarot Card
The Halloween Tarot Deck

From Reflection to Revelation: The Power of the Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement tarot card is a profound symbol within the Tarot deck, embodying themes of rebirth, inner calling, and absolution. Judgement is number 20 in the major arcana, and its appearance in a reading is always significant, heralding moments of critical decision-making, reflection, and transformation. This article looks into the multifaceted interpretations of the Judgement tarot card, exploring its meanings, symbolism, and implications in various aspects of life.

Understanding the Judgement Tarot Card

At its core, the Judgement tarot card (often spelled "Judgment" in some decks) signifies judgement, in both its literal and metaphorical senses. It represents the moment of reckoning, where past actions are evaluated, and decisions are made that will shape the future. The imagery of the card is powerful, often depicting an angelic figure sounding a trumpet, with people rising from graves to respond to the call. This scene evokes themes of awakening, renewal, and the idea of being "called" to a higher purpose or new life.

The Symbolism of the Judgement Card

The Judgement card is rich in symbolism. The angelic figure is commonly associated with Archangel Gabriel, a messenger of God, signifying communication, revelation, and clarity. The trumpet call symbolizes a wake-up call or a moment of epiphany, urging one to listen to their inner voice or higher calling. The people rising from the graves represent rebirth and the realization of one's true potential or purpose. This imagery suggests liberation from past limitations or mistakes and the embrace of a new, more enlightened path.

The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

When the Judgement card appears upright in a reading, it signals a time of self-evaluation and reflection. It asks the querent to review their past choices and actions, considering their consequences and the lessons learned. This card encourages taking responsibility for one's life, forgiving oneself and others, and moving forward with a clear conscience. It is a call to heed your inner calling and embrace the changes necessary for personal growth and fulfillment.

The card can also indicate a significant life decision or a moment of judgement that will have long-lasting effects. It suggests that the querent is at a crossroads, facing a choice that requires not just logical consideration but also a deep alignment with one's spiritual path and purpose.

Judgement Tarot Reversed

When the Judgement card appears reversed, it can indicate self-doubt, failure to learn from the past, or a refusal to heed one's inner calling. It may suggest that the querent is ignoring the wake-up calls in their life, leading to stagnation or repeated mistakes. The reversed Judgement card can also represent undue harshness in self-judgement or an inability to forgive and move on, which hampers personal growth and healing.

Judgement Tarot in Love and Relationships

In the context of love and relationships, the Judgement card can signal a period of reflection and evaluation. For couples, it may indicate the need to assess the relationship, acknowledging past issues and deciding whether to move forward together or part ways. It encourages open communication and forgiveness, fostering a deeper understanding and renewed commitment.

For singles, the Judgement card suggests that past experiences in love are influencing current perceptions and choices. It advises reflecting on these experiences, learning from them, and allowing oneself to be "reborn" into a new phase of love life, free from past burdens.

The Judgement Tarot Card in Career and Finances

In career readings, the Judgement card signifies a calling to a vocation or career path that aligns with one's passions and life purpose. It may indicate a time to make a significant career decision, possibly involving a drastic change, such as a new job, promotion, or even a complete career shift.

Regarding finances, the Judgement card encourages evaluating financial decisions and habits, learning from past mistakes, and making choices that align with one's long-term goals and values. It can also indicate financial accountability, urging the querent to take responsibility for their financial health and make amends for past missteps.

The Judgement Tarot in Health Matters

When it comes to health, the Judgement card can indicate a need for healing, not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. It suggests listening to one's body and inner wisdom to make health-related decisions that promote overall well-being. It may also signify a recovery phase, where the querent is called to embrace healthier habits and let go of behaviors that no longer serve their highest good.

Judgement Tarot Yes or No

The Judgement card in a "Yes or No" reading generally leans towards "Yes," especially if the question relates to personal growth, major life changes, or following one's calling. It suggests that the path ahead is clear, and the decision in question aligns with the querent's higher purpose and spiritual growth.

Final Thoughts

The Judgement tarot card is a powerful symbol of introspection, rebirth, and the heeding of one's higher calling. Its appearance in a tarot reading urges the querent to reflect on their past, learn from their experiences, and make choices that align with their true self and life purpose. Whether considering love, career, finances, or health, the Judgement card encourages a holistic approach, considering not only the practical aspects but also the spiritual and emotional dimensions of one's decisions. In essence, the Judgement tarot card serves as a profound reminder that every moment of self-reflection and decision is a step towards our ultimate liberation and fulfilment.