7 - The Chariot 

Meaning: Movement, Ambition, Taking Control, Overcoming the Odds, Decisive Action, Self-Reliance.

A gallery of some of the many artistic expressions of The Chariot tarot card taken from beautiful and contrasting tarot decks.

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The Chariot - The Alchemical Tarot Renewed Fourth Edition

The Chariot
The Alchemical Tarot Renewed Fourth Edition

The Chariot Tarot Card - The Beatles Tarot Deck

The Chariot Tarot Card
The Beatles Tarot

The Chariot - The Victorian Fairy Tarot Deck

The Chariot
The Victorian Fairy Tarot

The Chariot  - The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot Deck

The Chariot
The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot

The Chariot - H.R. Giger Tarot Deck

The Chariot
H. R. Giger Tarot Deck

The Chariot - The Goddess Tarot Deck

The Chariot
The Goddess Tarot Deck

The Chariot - The Shakespeare Tarot Deck

The Chariot
The Shakespeare Tarot

Embracing Victory: The Chariot Tarot Card and Its Symbolism

The Chariot tarot card stands as a powerful emblem of triumph, willpower, and control amidst chaos within the mystical realm of Tarot. As one of the most intriguing cards in the deck, it encapsulates a multitude of meanings and interpretations, offering guidance and insight to those who seek its wisdom.

Understanding The Chariot Tarot Card

In the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck, The Chariot depicts a triumphant figure riding a chariot, often drawn by two sphinxes or horses of contrasting colors, signifying opposing forces under control. The figure is usually crowned and holds a wand or scepter, symbolizing authority and determination. Behind the charioteer, there is typically a canopy adorned with stars, indicative of celestial guidance and spiritual protection.

Symbolism and Interpretation

The symbolism within The Chariot tarot card is rich and multifaceted, offering layers of meaning to those who delve into its mysteries.

At its core, The Chariot represents triumph over adversity through sheer willpower and determination. The charioteer's ability to harness and balance opposing forces symbolizes the mastery of one's inner conflicts and external challenges. It signifies a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, where obstacles are overcome, and goals are achieved through unwavering focus and resolve.

The Chariot also embodies the concept of control and direction. The charioteer's steady hand on the reins signifies the need for discipline and self-control to navigate life's twists and turns successfully. It encourages the seeker to harness their inner strength and assert their authority over their circumstances, rather than being driven by external forces.

Furthermore, The Chariot is closely associated with movement and progression. The chariot's forward motion represents momentum and advancement, urging the seeker to push forward with confidence and purpose towards their goals. It reminds us that success is not achieved through passive waiting but through decisive action and perseverance.

The Chariot Tarot Meaning in Different Contexts

In readings, The Chariot Tarot card can manifest in various contexts, each carrying its own significance and implications.

Upright Chariot Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Triumph and Success: The upright Chariot often indicates victory and achievement, suggesting that the seeker is on the right path towards their goals and aspirations.
  • Willpower and Determination: It symbolizes the strength of character and resilience needed to overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Control and Authority: The Chariot encourages the seeker to take charge of their life and steer it in the direction they desire.
  • Progress and Movement: It signifies forward momentum and advancement, signaling a period of growth and development.

Reversed Chariot Tarot Card Meaning:

  • Inner Conflict and Lack of Direction: In reverse, The Chariot may suggest internal struggles or a sense of being adrift without a clear purpose.
  • Impulsiveness and Lack of Control: It warns against recklessness and urges the seeker to regain control over their actions and emotions.
  • Stagnation and Resistance: The reversed Chariot may indicate obstacles or delays hindering progress, calling for patience and perseverance.
  • Ego and Hubris: It cautions against arrogance or excessive pride, reminding the seeker to remain humble and grounded.

The Chariot Tarot Card in Love and Relationships

In matters of love and relationships, The Chariot symbolizes a union of strong wills and shared goals. It suggests a relationship characterized by mutual respect, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges together. For singles, it may indicate a period of self-discovery and personal empowerment before entering into a fulfilling partnership.

The Chariot Tarot Card as Feelings

When appearing as feelings, The Chariot suggests a sense of confidence, determination, and empowerment. It signifies a strong desire to take control of one's life and pursue their goals with unwavering resolve. It may also indicate feelings of triumph or success in overcoming obstacles or challenges.

The Chariot Tarot: Yes or No?

In yes or no Tarot readings, The Chariot generally suggests a positive outcome, indicating that success is attainable with the right mindset and determination. However, it also emphasizes the need for action and initiative to manifest desired outcomes fully.

In Conclusion

The Chariot Tarot card embodies the essence of triumph, willpower, and control, offering profound insights and guidance to those who seek its wisdom. Through its symbolism and interpretation, it encourages the seeker to harness their inner strength, assert their authority, and navigate life's challenges with confidence and determination. As a beacon of hope and empowerment, The Chariot reminds us that victory is within reach for those who dare to pursue their dreams with unwavering resolve.