19 - The Sun  

Meaning: Happiness, optimism, success, positivity, abundance.

A gallery of some of the many artistic expressions of The Sun tarot card taken from beautiful and contrasting tarot decks.

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The Sun Tarot Card - The Star Tarot Deck 2nd Edition

The Sun Tarot Card
The Star Tarot Deck 2nd Edition

The Sun Tarot Card - Forest Folklore Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card
Forest Folklore Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card - Simplicity Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card
Simplicity Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card - Crow's Magick Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card
Crow's Magick Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card - Napo Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card
Napo Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card - Motherpeace Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card
Motherpeace Tarot Deck

The Sun Tarot Card: A Beacon of Joy and Success

In the rich tapestry of tarot, each card carries its own universe of symbols, stories, and meanings. Among these, the Sun tarot card shines brightly as a symbol of positivity, joy, and success. Known for its radiant energy and uplifting vibes, the Sun tarot card is often a welcome sight in readings, heralding a period of light after darkness, clarity after confusion, and joy after sorrow.

The Imagery of the Sun Tarot Card

The Sun card is easily identifiable by its vibrant and joyful imagery. Central to the card is the Sun itself, often depicted with a human face, radiating warmth and light. Beneath it, a child (sometimes naked, symbolizing innocence and purity) is often seen riding a white horse, symbolizing success, purity, and progress. The background typically features a brightly colored landscape with sunflowers, representing vitality and abundance. This imagery encapsulates the essence of the Sun tarot card: a return to innocence, a celebration of life's simplicity, and the warmth of success and happiness.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

When the Sun tarot card appears in a reading, it's generally interpreted as a very positive omen. It signifies success, radiance, and abundance. Whatever the query or concern, the Sun tarot card brings a message of optimism: things will not only improve, they will thrive. In personal readings, it might signal the resolution of conflicts, the achievement of goals, or a period of good health and vitality.

Love and Relationships

The Sun tarot card, when it comes to matters of the heart, is a beacon of the purest joy, warmth, and success in love. Its appearance in a love reading can be seen as one of the most auspicious signs. For couples, the Sun card heralds a period of joy, laughter, and mutual satisfaction. It suggests a time when both partners feel valued and understood, where the warmth of love shines brightly, nurturing the relationship. This card encourages you to celebrate your partnership, perhaps with a romantic getaway or a meaningful gesture of love, to reinforce the deep connection you share.

For those navigating the complexities of love, the Sun tarot card offers a reminder of the simple joys of being in love. It encourages open-hearted communication and the sharing of genuine emotions. In this light, any existing conflicts or misunderstandings can be resolved under the Sun's healing rays, paving the way for a stronger, more vibrant relationship.

For singles, the Sun card is a promise of new beginnings. It suggests that love will come into your life in its most joyful, carefree form. This new love could be with someone who embodies the qualities of the Sun card - vibrant, optimistic, and straightforward. The card advises you to remain open, joyful, and true to yourself, as these qualities will attract the love that mirrors your own inner light.

Career and Finances

In the realm of career and finances, the Sun tarot card illuminates a path of extraordinary success and achievement. Its presence in a career-oriented reading suggests not just the attainment of goals but the surpassing of them. It speaks to a time when your hard work, creativity, and positive attitude are recognized and rewarded, potentially leading to promotions, successful project completions, or public acknowledgments of your skills and contributions.

This card also encourages you to shine in your professional endeavors. It's a call to step into the spotlight, to present your ideas confidently, and to lead with inspiration. The Sun's energy supports bold moves and innovative thinking, which can set you apart in your field.

Financially, the Sun card is a sign of prosperity and abundance. It may indicate a phase where your finances are not just stable but flourishing. Investments might yield significant returns, or you might find new opportunities for income. However, the Sun also advises you to enjoy the fruits of your labor wisely, ensuring that this period of abundance also translates into long-term security.


When it comes to health, the Sun tarot card is a powerful symbol of vitality, energy, and rejuvenation. Its appearance in a health reading is a positive sign, suggesting recovery from illness, improvement in overall well-being, and an increase in physical energy. The Sun encourages you to engage in activities that not only benefit your physical health but also uplift your spirits. Whether it's spending time outdoors, practicing mindfulness, or pursuing a hobby that brings you joy, the Sun card reminds you that your mental and emotional well-being is just as important as your physical health.

This card also symbolizes the healing power of positivity. A positive outlook can significantly impact your healing process and overall health. The Sun card's energy supports adopting an optimistic mindset, which can lead to better health outcomes and a more enjoyable daily life.

The Sun Tarot Reversed

Even when reversed, the Sun tarot card retains much of its positive energy, though it may suggest that these blessings are delayed or not fully realized. It can indicate a need to acknowledge and remove the internal clouds that overshadow your inner light and joy. In some cases, it might warn against over-optimism or complacency, urging a more grounded approach to your situation.

The Sun Tarot in Specific Questions:

  • Yes or No Questions

    The Sun tarot card is a resounding "yes" in the context of yes or no questions. It is one of the most positive cards you can receive, indicating that the universe is in your favor. The Sun's appearance suggests that not only is the answer to your question yes, but it also brings with it a multitude of blessings and additional positive outcomes. It's a reminder that optimism, clarity, and a positive outlook can greatly influence the situation at hand, leading to successful and joyful conclusions.

  • As Feelings

    When the Sun tarot card represents feelings, it embodies a state of pure happiness, contentment, and optimism. It suggests that someone is feeling buoyant, full of life, and in a state of childlike wonder and joy. These feelings are not superficial but deeply rooted in a sense of fulfilment and inner peace.

    If you're inquiring about someone's feelings towards you and the Sun card appears, it indicates that this person sees you as a source of joy and positivity in their life. Their feelings are warm, open-hearted, and sincere. The Sun card in this context is a reminder of the infectious nature of true happiness and the way it can deepen connections and foster mutual appreciation and love.


The Sun tarot card is a powerful symbol of positivity in the tarot deck. Its appearance in a reading is a reminder of the joy and abundance that life can offer, encouraging an attitude of optimism and gratitude. Whether upright or reversed, the Sun card calls on us to embrace our inner light and to spread warmth and positivity in our journey through life.