The Tarot Cards List: All 78 Cards and Their Meanings

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Tarot cards are a powerful tool used for divination, self-reflection, and spiritual guidance. The traditional tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own unique imagery and symbolism. These cards are divided into two main groups: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana comprises 22 cards that represent significant life themes and spiritual lessons, while the Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards divided into 4 suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, that focus on everyday experiences and challenges. Each card holds its own meaning and interpretation, offering insights into various aspects of life, relationships, and personal growth.

Within the Minor Arcana, there are 16 Court Cards that represent various personality types and roles, corresponding to each of the four suits and typically represented within each suit as a Page, Knight, Queen and King. Additionally, there are 40 numbered cards, 10 for each suit.

List of All 78 Tarot Cards and Their Meanings:

Major Arcana:

  1. The Fool - New beginnings, innocence, spontaneity.
  2. The Magician - Manifestation, resourcefulness, power.
  3. The High Priestess - Intuition, mystery, subconscious mind.
  4. The Empress - Nurturing, abundance, fertility.
  5. The Emperor - Authority, stability, structure.
  6. The Hierophant - Tradition, conformity, spiritual guidance.
  7. The Lovers - Relationships, choices, harmony.
  8. The Chariot - Determination, control, victory.
  9. Strength - Inner strength, courage, patience.
  10. The Hermit - Solitude, introspection, guidance.
  11. Wheel of Fortune - Change, cycles, destiny.
  12. Justice - Fairness, balance, truth.
  13. The Hanged Man - Surrender, release, sacrifice.
  14. Death - Transformation, endings, renewal.
  15. Temperance - Balance, moderation, harmony.
  16. The Devil - Temptation, materialism, bondage.
  17. The Tower - Sudden change, upheaval, revelation.
  18. The Star - Hope, inspiration, guidance.
  19. The Moon - Illusion, fear, subconscious.
  20. The Sun - Success, joy, vitality.
  21. Judgment - Rebirth, inner calling, forgiveness.
  22. The World - Completion, fulfilment, unity.

Minor Arcana:


Ace of Wands - Inspiration, new opportunities.
Two of Wands - Planning, decision-making.
Three of Wands - Expansion, foresight.
Four of Wands - Celebration, harmony.
Five of Wands - Competition, conflict.
Six of Wands - Victory, recognition.
Seven of Wands - Defensiveness, perseverance.
Eight of Wands - Swiftness, communication.
Nine of Wands - Resilience, determination.
Ten of Wands - Burden, responsibility.
Page of Wands - Exploration, enthusiasm, new ideas.
Knight of Wands - Action, energy, adventure.
Queen of Wands - Confidence, creativity, leadership.
King of Wands - Vision, charisma, authority.


Ace of Cups - Love, emotional new beginnings.
Two of Cups - Partnership, connection.
Three of Cups - Celebration, friendship.
Four of Cups - Discontent, apathy.
Five of Cups - Loss, regret.
Six of Cups - Nostalgia, childhood memories.
Seven of Cups - Fantasy, choices.
Eight of Cups - Disillusionment, moving on.
Nine of Cups - Contentment, satisfaction.
Ten of Cups - Happiness, fulfillment.
Page of Cups - Creativity, intuition, sensitivity.
Knight of Cups - Romance, charm, idealism.
Queen of Cups - Compassion, intuition, emotional depth.
King of Cups - Emotional balance, wisdom, maturity.


Ace of Swords - Mental clarity, truth.
Two of Swords - Indecision, stalemate.
Three of Swords - Heartbreak, sorrow.
Four of Swords - Rest, recuperation.
Five of Swords - Conflict, betrayal.
Six of Swords - Transition, moving forward.
Seven of Swords - Deception, evasion.
Eight of Swords - Restriction, entrapment.
Nine of Swords - Anxiety, fear.
Ten of Swords - Betrayal, rock bottom.
Page of Swords - Curiosity, intellect, communication.
Knight of Swords - Ambition, assertiveness, decisiveness.
Queen of Swords - Independence, truth, clarity.
King of Swords - Authority, logic, intellect.


Ace of Pentacles - Prosperity, new financial opportunity.
Two of Pentacles - Balance, adaptability.
Three of Pentacles - Collaboration, teamwork.
Four of Pentacles - Stability, security.
Five of Pentacles - Hardship, poverty.
Six of Pentacles - Generosity, charity.
Seven of Pentacles - Patience, assessment.
Eight of Pentacles - Skill development, diligence.
Nine of Pentacles - Abundance, self-sufficiency.
Ten of Pentacles - Legacy, long-term success.
Page of Pentacles - Ambition, practicality, studiousness.
Knight of Pentacles - Hard work, responsibility, reliability.
Queen of Pentacles - Nurturing, practicality, abundance.
King of Pentacles - Prosperity, stability, success.

Tarot cards, whether drawn individually or as part of a spread, offer valuable insights and guidance for navigating life's journey and exploring the depths of the human experience.

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